Information Boards

We try to provide as much information for walkers as possible. We have erected 24 information boards at strategic points along the trail, which give interesting anecdotes and articles on local history. The boards were designed by Rotarian, Archie Bell and funding was provided by Stranraer and District Local History Trust website –

The photo shows Rotary District Governor Alex Blair near the Tourist Information Office at Stranraer. Also in the photo are Rotarians Archie Bell, Dave Kirkwood, Club President Henry McFadzean and Project Manager Tom Stevenson




Location of information boards (South to North)

Mull of Galloway Trail


Mull of Galloway – local history going back to Roman times and the story of the Lighthouse.

East Tarbet - explanation of the source of the name Tarbet and the traditional tale of heather ale.

St Medan’s Cave - notes about the early Saint, her cave, and the associated wells.

Drummore - pictures of  ‘Kirk Covenant’ and notes on local history.

Teraly Bay – a picture of the, now ruined, brickworks, and a note of its products. Coasting Puffers, also notes regarding some pre-historic finds.

Logan Mill – a description, of the now modernised, Logan Windmill and St.Agnes’s Chapel.

Chapel Rossan – a note about smuggling and the Murder Stone.

Ardwell Mill – a map of a short walk aside from the main route to Kirkmadrine and notes about the Kirkmadrine Church and Stones.

Sandhead – a map and notes about the route and a brief history of the area.

Clayshant – a brief  description and history along with notes on the bird life.

West Freugh - Airfield which operated in both World Wars and for many years post war.

Culhorn House -  photo of the remains of Culhorn House and some local wildlife.

Ladies Walk  – notes regarding the original Stranraer Golf Course, the early airfield, and Cairnryan Military Railway.

Tourist Information Office, Stranraer – a map with general information, including a photo of Stranraer Harbour in the 1960s.


Loch Ryan Coastal Path


Tourist Information Office, Stranraer –  map and notes about the route, a photo of the Castle of St John and a brief history of Stranraer.  

Balyett – bird life in Loch Ryan.

Innermessan – impression of Motte and photo of World War Two ship repair yard.

Leffnol Point – photos of the Military Railway, sidings and engine shed.

Cairnryan Village – photos of Old Cairnryan and HMS Ark Royal.

Cairnryan Picnic Area – map and general information including a photo of the taxing Stane.

Old Coach Road – photos of lighthouse and North Deep Pier, including a Mulberry “Whale”.

Little Laight – photos of Finnart Bay Gun site and Anti Aircraft Gun.

Hillside above Glenapp - photos of Elsie McKay, Captain Hinchcliffe and Glenapp Church memorial window.

Glenapp – map and general information including an image of the ferry off Loch Ryan Lighthouse.