Forthcoming Events

27/01/2014 20:51

  The Mull of Galloway Trail is again to be included in this year’s programme of walks organised by the Newton Stewart Walking Festival. Last year Robert Clark and Tom Stevenson led a party of 24 walkers from New England Bay to the Mull but due to atrocious weather conditions a majority of the walkers gave up at Drummore. This section of the trail will again be used on Saturday 10 May in hopefully much better weather conditions!

Last year, for the first time the Rotary Club organised a successful Trail and Sail event with runners starting at either the Mull or Sandhead and after arriving at Stranraer Harbour they boarded yachts which sailed round Ailsa Craig or Milleur Buoy and then back to the harbour where a barbeque was enjoyed. Eight yachts took part last year and hopefully there will be more participants for this year’s event which will take place on Saturday 31 May.

Other planned events by local organisations include a repeat of the Mull of Galloway Trail Challenge which raised funds for the local McMillan Cancer Support Group. The whole length of the trail was used and while some walked the entire 24 miles others made up teams of four with each member walking part of the route.