Improvements funded by Kilgallioch Community Fund and Tesco Bags for Help

11/06/2021 22:21

In March 2020 the members of the Rotary Club of Stranraer were pleased to learn that a grant had been awarded by Kilgallioch Community Benefit Company. The funds were used to meet the cost of Improvements at four different locations along the trail with the work being carried out by Ian McClure, Kirkcolm . A new path was laid at High Barnnultoch where the ground had been very wet and muddy. In Mullhill Wood new steps were laid and hand rails were erected at the steps and also along the side of a sleeper walkway. On the road verges south of Dyemill and at Terally new paths were created where previously it had been necessary to walk on the side of the busy A716.

Mainly due to the requirements of the local Council costs were higher than anticipated but an award from Tesco Bags of Help covered the additional outlays.

The improvement works are making the going much easier for walkers and most importantly safety has been greatly enhanced. 

The Rotary Club gratefully appreciates the funding from Kilgallioch Community Fund and Tesco Bags of Help which has made these improvements possible. 

Supported by Kilgallioch Community Fund with funding from Scottish Renewables' Kilgallioch Windfarm