Long Distance Walk from the Mull

14/09/2013 17:32

Rev David Albon who is the Church of Scotland minister at Mauchine linked with Sorn had arranged to take six weeks study leave to enable him to walk from the Mull to Cape Wrath. He planned to have the experience of community fellowship, as well as solitude and silence during his long walk.

Three Rotarians, Barry Holmes, Mike Sheppard and Tom Stevenson were at the Mull to see him off on 2 September 2013. Project Manager Tom Stevenson walked with him as far as New England Bay where he camped for the first night. The next day he travelled as far as Innermessand having been given hospitality on the way by Rotarians, Alex Cairns and Jim Young. Tom walked with him the next day as far as Glenapp where he left David at the start of the Ayrshire Coastal Path. David made good progress reaching the Erskine Bridge on 11 September where sadly he received the news that his father had died suddenly. After returning home to Mauchline David travelled to his parents home in Peterborough to be with his mother and to attend to the funeral arrangements.

Hopefully David will be able to resume his walk to Cape Wrath at a later date.

The photograph shows David ready to start the long walk from the Mull of Galloway.