Mull of Galloway Trail and Sail Challenge

02/06/2013 21:10

This event was held on 1st June 2013. It combined trail running or walking with sailing. It proved to be a showcase for the Mull of Galloway Trail and the splendour of sailing around the Galloway coast.

The race was for a maximum crew of five with at least two runners from each yacht.

The objectives of the race were to:

Encourage self-reliance in a natural environment, and to ensure that runners and skippers had full regard for their own and their crew's safety.

  • Publicise the Mull of Galloway Trail, the marina facilities, the cruising possibilities of West Galloway and create interest in the area as a tourist destination.

The Longer course started at the Mull of Galloway Lighthouse. The Mull of Galloway Trail is a fairly rough walk of 24 miles. Runners followed the trail, with various checkpoints before arriving at Stranraer marina where transfers were made by dinghy.  The yachts circumnavigated Ailsa Craig, returning to the marina at Stranraer.

A shorter course suitable for smaller yachts or less ambitious walkers started at Sandhead. They also used the trail, covering nine miles. The yachts  circumnavigated Milleur buoy taking it to starboard before returning to Stranraer. .

At the end of the event participants, Rotarians and friends enjoyed hospitality including a Barbecue and Bar at Harbour Masters office on the west peir.

The weather was favourable and while it was fairly calm in the morning yachts returning down Loch Ryan encountered a brisk wind. Eight yachts took part in this sucessful and enjoyable event. It is hoped to have a similar Trail and Sail next year and interested parties should contact Rotarian Gordon Baird - email: