Mull of Galloway Trail and Sail

01/06/2014 21:37

Stranraer Rotary hosted a Trail and Sail event last year that highlighted the delights of West Galloway as a destination to enjoy outdoor pursuits. The event was very successful, and it has been decided to expand it this year to increase its appeal. The Mull of Galloway Trail, and the combined sailing event was split up into four different categories:-

Event 1: a walk/run from Sandhead to Stranraer over the Mull of Galloway Trail. This was about 10 miles, a fairly easy walk over delightful coastal sand dunes quiet country roads and some gentle farmland.

Event 2: a walk/run from the Mull of Galloway to Stranraer. This was 24 miles, mostly rough path, with a few small ascents and descents and some rougher areas over sand and gravel. The last 10 miles was the same trail as event one.

Event 3: this was event one, with a transfer to a waiting yacht berthed at Stranraer Marina, and a sail to the end of Loch Ryan, round the Milleur buoy and back to Stranraer.

Event 4: this was event 2, and on arrival at Stranraer Marina transfer to a yacht and while a circumnavigation of Ailsa Craig had been planned due to lack of wind yachts were confined to the loch.

Entrance fee £12.50 per person included a barbecue and complimentary drinks. All these events took place on 31 May 2013.

A beautiful sunrise greeted the 13 runners who set off at 6.30 am from the Mull and at 10.00 am another 12 runners started from Sandhead. Conditions were perfect for the running and walking with visitors from Edinburgh, Glasgow, Portsmouth and Dumfries all revelling in the conditions; sunny, not over-warm and the well prepared track virtually nettle free.

The barbeque was also a success with Rotarian visitors from Malaysia and Australia joining the competitors and fellow Stranraer Rotarians all enjoying stunning views over the loch into the evening sunshine. The runners were most complimentary about the trail, with the only complaint being that it is actually 26 miles running rather than 24. Feedback was hugely positive and all the national runners felt that there was room for further expansion. The event was more than double the size of last year; such is the quality of the Mull of Galloway Trail and the welcome from Stranraer Rotary.

Four runners on the 24 mile run were first equal with a time of 4 hours 34 mins - Sula Gay, Lucy Colqhoun, Dan Gay and Iain Paterson. First equal on the 10 mile run with a time of 1 hours 34 mins were Mark Rhymes and Adrian Campbell. Sailing result: Valpera, 3 hours 10 mins and Furthest run and Toughest Competitor: Ailsa Taggart.

The photo shows the runners at the start of the race at the Mull of Galloway.