Storm Damage to Trail

27/01/2014 21:16


Following the storm in early January members of the Rotary Club of Stranraer Club walked the trail to view the impact of the high tides and wind. They were shocked with the damage caused by the power of the sea which included severe damage to a bridge constructed during the project and coastal erosion which was clearly visible in several areas. An amazing amount of litter has also been washed up as well as many large stones which need to be removed.

Another example of the damage is where, following erosion at one point over a year ago, the fence was moved inland to allow walkers to continue on the bank between the shore and the field. The storm caused further erosion and an additional piece of land was washed into the sea with the result that the fence which was erected last year has collapsed. Arrangements are being made for a new fence to be erected further inland and walkers can continue in the meantime to use the short diversion which has been signposted at either end.

Following this inspection a programme of works has been drawn up to restore the trail and arrangements for maintenance over the growing season will also be made. In addition improvements are planned where at present it is necessary to walk on the stony foreshore. New paths will be created which should make walking on these sections much easier.