Mull to Stranraer

Due to a change in ownership of the property at Dyemill permission was withdrawn to use the existing route. A diversion has been put in place which involves two roads crossings which should be negotiated with care. The new route has been sign posted and the details are included in the description below.

The route is approximately south to north and follows the east coast line of the Mull of Galloway peninsula.  The distances listed here with the waymarker numbers are approximate and are from the Mull of Galloway.

     LoEast Tarbetoking at the lighthouse from the Mull of Galloway car park the route commences by following the wall to the left (eastward) down to a fence where it passes through a gate and turns left (northwards) continuing on the seaward side of the fence dropping down into East Tarbet Bay and climbing back up to follow along the line of the cliff-top dyke.  On reaching the Kirk Burn the route crosses a small sleeper bridge and then climbs up to the top of the slope to follow the fence line before dropping down to shore level and continuing to Maryport Caravan Site [waymarker No.1 – 6K]



Keeping to the coastline the trail enters Drummore Village via Cailiness Road, follows round the harbour [waymarker No.2 – 9K] and leaves via Shore Street.  There is a general provisions shop, tearoom, hotel and toilets in Drummore.

     Continuing on the footpath at Clashwhannan Caravan Site the route now keeps to the east verge of the A716 public road for 1 ½  kilometers before crossing over onto the access road at Grennan Farm. After turning right through a kissing gate the route keeps to the edge of the fields, then after a kissing gate it drops down to pass through Grennan Plantation to emerge through a further kissing gate and back across the A716 public road to the seaward side [waymarker No.3 – 13K].

     Keeping to the seaward side of the road the trail continues along the coastline crossing Terally Bridge and passing through New England Bay Caravan Site to cross the bridge at Logan Mill [waymarker No.4 – 17K].

     Following the coastline for a further one kilometer the trail turns left to enter Longrigg Plantation continuing north before climbing steeply to meet the access road to Longrigg House and Cottage where it turns left.  The route continues on the access road to a kissing gate on the right giving access to a fenced off section of a field and onward through a further kissing gate to a small wood.  At the north end of the wood the route crosses the A716 public road, turns right through a bridle gate in a field and follows the field edge before emerging through a kissing gate adjacent to the Barhill Farm access road and back across the public road to the seaward side.  Following the coast for a short distance into a car park/picnic area [waymarker No.5 – 20K] the route passes through the village of Ardwell on the footway beside the public road.

     Once through the village the trail returns to the shoreline for a further two kilometers before rejoining the road verge and then crossing the A716 road. The route continues over the road bridge and up a slope, through a wood and along a field edge. At the gate the route crosses back over the A716 road, turns right along a vehicle track and drops steeply down to the shoreline.  Shortly after passing over the Cairnwiel Burn bridge the route to be followed depends on the state of the tide.  The alternatives are, to continue on the shore, walk along the top of the concrete sea wall or follow the track on the left upwards to the public road where extreme care is required as there are no verges to walk on.  The route continues along the shoreline of Sandhead Village where there is a general provisions shop, a tea room, a hotel and toilets. [waymarker No.6 – 25K].

     ClayshantThe route proceeds northwards along the coast, crossing Sandmill Burn at the Sands of Luce Holiday Park and over and behind the sand dunes to cross Culmore Burn and into Clayshant Quarry.  Continuing along the coast the route enters an area of whin bushes where it turns left to make its way inland and out of the quarry [waymarker No.7 – 29K].

     Crossing the B7084 public road the route now follows quiet public roads northwards for the next five kilometers, passing the farms of Low Mye, High Mye, Mosscroft and Barnultoch to enter the access road to High Barnultoch Farm [waymarker No.8 – 34K].

     Passing through a kissing gate the trail follows a fence line with stiles placed at intervals.  These stiles are there to allow walkers to cross into the adjoining field in the event of there being a bull in the field.  The route now enters a small wood with kissing gates at the entry and exit points.  Continuing along a fence line and through a kissing gate the trail emerges onto a public road where it turns right and then left onto a track through a wood [waymarker No.9 – 36K].

     Following this track for approximately two kilometers and crossing a public road after one and a half kilometers the route emerges on to a residential cul-de-sac (Westwood Avenue).  It continues to cross trunk road A75 into Ladies Walk and on to the A77 trunk road.  To finish, the trail turns left and continues over the railway bridge to the Tourist Information Office in Harbour Street [40.23K or 25 miles].